Linelejan, F. Gambaran Fungsi Paru, Kebiasaan Merokok Dan Kebiasaan Olahraga Pada Nelayan Di Kelurahan Bitung Karangria Kecamatan Tuminting Kota Manado. Skripsi. Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Universitas Sam Ratulangi. Pembimbing : (I) Prof. dr. Jootje M. L. Umboh, MS, (II) dr. Paul A. T. Kawatu, MSc, (III) dr. Budi T. Ratag, MPH.

Linelejan, Francin. A Picture of the Lung Function, Smoking Habit, and Exercise Habit in Fishermen of Bitung Karangria Village of Tuminting Sub District of Manado City. Skripsi, Faculty of Public Health, Sam Ratulangi University. Supervisors: (I) Prof. dr. Jootje M.L. Umboh, MS., (II) dr. Paul A.T. Kawatu, MSc., (III) dr. Budi T. Ratag, MPH.




               Based on the Basic Health Research data, in 2010 the prevalence of population aged 15 and above that smoked daily was 28.2%.  A high prevalence was found in the groups of farmers/fishermen/laborers. Smoking is one of the factors influencing the lung function. Exercise habit also influences the lung function as exercise can improve Force Vital Capacity (FVC). The objective of this research was to find out a picture of the lung function, smoking habit, and exercise habit in fishermen.

This research was a descriptive study conducted in Bitung Karangria Village of Tuminting Sub District of Manado City from April to June 2012. The samples of this research were 40 respondents, selected using the method of purposive sampling. The data were collected using questionnaires and the lung function measurement was conducted using spirometer.

The research findings show that 8 respondents (20%) had normal lung function, 24 respondents (60%) had mild restrictive lung disorders, 8 respondents (20%) had middle restrictive lung disorders, and no respondents had obstructive and mixed lung disorders. In terms of smoking habit, 36 respondents (90%) smoked regularly and 4 respondents (10%) did not smoke. In terms of exercise habit, 26 respondents (60%) exercised regularly and 16 respondents (40%) did not exercise.

               It is then suggested for the fishermen to prevent the occurrence of lung disorders  by reducing the consumption of cigarette and doing exercise regularly; for Tuminting Public Health Clinic to increase health promotion program (posters, leaflets, health counseling) by ways of providing information on factors that are harmful to lung health.


Key words: lung function, smoking habit, exercise habit

By francinlinelejan

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